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Founded in July 2004, Nanox® has always pioneered in nanotechnology, producing and developing solutions through and with intelligent materials for various markets in partnership with companies that excel in innovation.

With top-line production facilities, quality control labs, and sectors dedicated to product, technical and scientific development, marketing support and a qualified multidisciplinary team, Nanox® follows high-level managerial and transparency guidelines.

Having earned several patents for new products and applications, and with registered trademarks and awards obtained throughout its years of existence, Nanox® stands out for its ability to transform its knowledge of nanotechnology into useful, life-changing solutions that add value to businesses that adopt them.

Our quality policies comprise the satisfaction of our customers, meeting their needs and expectations, seeking technological innovation as a differential, translating nanotechnology expertise into useful, life-improving solutions, providing development for our employees and continuously improving our Quality Management System.




To be recognized worldwide for the competence to develop and integrate nanostructured materials, providing innovative solutions for businesses and improving people's quality of life.


Knowledge of nature at the service of life.


Nanox® has among its main values ​​ethics and sustainability, respecting the environment; to transfer high-value knowledge through practical inputs; and to improve businesses and consumers' quality of life.

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Our team

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    Gustavo Simões

    Co-founder and CEO

    PhD in Materials Chemistry at UNESP, Master in Chemistry at UNESP, and Bachelor in Chemistry at UFSCar.

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    Daniel Minozzi

    Co-founder and COO

    MBA in Strategic Business Management at FGV, Master in Engineering and Materials Science at UNESP and graduated in Chemistry at UFSCar.

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    Glauco Arbix

    Administrative Council

    Professor of the Department of Sociology at USP and a former member of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Advisory Committee.

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    Rodrigo Comazzetto

    Administrative Council

    Bachelor of Business Management at FGV, specializing in M&A, business development and strategy, and corporate governance.

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    Alan Miranda

    Production Assistant

    Technical training in the areas of industrial machine operation and soldering.

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    Amanda Chaves

    Communication and Marketing Assistant

    Bachelor in Advertising and Marketing at UNICEP, Systems Analyst at UNIFRAN and currently studying HR Management at FATEC.

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    Celso Palma

    Commercial Coordinator

    Bachelor of Business Administration at UNIESP/FNSA.

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    Cristiano Garcia

    Administrative and Financial Manager

    Graduated as Management Processes Technologist at FGV and licensed in Exact Sciences at USP.

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    Daiane Vilela

    Quality and Lab Coordinator

    Bachelor of Biological Sciences at UFSCar.

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    Eric Mark

    Production Coordinator

    Bachelor of Chemistry at UFSCar and Professional Master's Degree in Biomaterials and Bioprocess Engineering at UNESP.

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    Fabio Centanin

    Chemistry Intern

    Bachelor of Chemistry at UFSCar.

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    Guilherme Tremiliosi

    Product Manager

    Bachelor of Chemistry and Master of Science, Chemistry and Physics at USP.

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    Kleber Nascimento

    Sales Consultant

    Bachelor in Advertising & Marketing at UNICEP.

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    Martín Rivas

    International Commercial Consultant

    Graduated as Foreign Trade Technologist at ORT Uruguay.

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    Renato Santos

    Production supervisor

    Bachelor in Materials Engineering at Faculdade Asser Porto Ferreira.



Cid Silva Cesar, 1070

CEP 13562-400 | São Carlos, SP


+55 (11) 3164-1380


320 Nevada St, Suite 301

Newton, MA 02460


+1 408 689 2703

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